Nyonye-ngana – 2016

Nyonye-ngana by Alex bal, 2016

African Ant God: The Creator of Ants

He was the eldest son of Creator God BUMBA. After the world was vomited up by his father, NYONYE-NGANA wanted to make his mark too. He noticed that all the creatures roaming the planet had evolved from the first nine animals which BUMBA originally threw up. Aha, creating things is easy, thought NYONYE-NGANA.

So he gave it a try. As a test of his manufacturing powers, he created a humble ant, intending to move onto greater things. He succeeded in making quite a few. In fact, billions. But the effort was too much. He died of severe ant fatigue. And then it was his brother CHONGANDA’s turn.

Meanwhile, the ants were grateful to NYONYE-NGANA for making them, and scurried into the earth to give him a decent burial. They’ve been busy doing that ever since.

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