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Welcome to Noise eprints! This site primarily hosts the last 30 years of my digital imaging artwork. I paint with photographs. All the images in this site are made from photographs.  I manipulate these photographs using Photoshop and other tools such as gimp.

I have a few series, focused on different processes. All are created using a maximum of three photographs. As I am interested in the aesthetics of space, I explore how to show the invisible qualities of space in my images. Some are metaphorical, some are more spiritual in nature.

Aetheral presences and e motions series are images done  using an automatic drawing method. This approach to abstract art was created by Hilma af Kint (1862-1944), a swedish artist whose work predates Kandinsky.  Hilma af Klint created experimental automatic drawing as early as 1896. She created a  geometric visual language that  conceptualized invisible forces both of the inner and outer worlds.  Similarly, I use a specific process of filtering and other processes to bring out what is invisible within an image .

My other series are abstract landscapes and portraits, creating virtual natures both internal and universal.

I hope you enjoy the work… Feel free to contact  me if you want more information. You can reach me at: abal.at.ryerson.ca

If you are interested in my research and other other activities look at the top menu it will take you to various sites featuring my scholarly work.

Alex Bal


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Shadows as glimmers