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Welcome to Noise eprints! This site primarily hosts the last 30 years of my digital imaging artwork. I paint with photographs. All the images in this site are made from photographs.  I manipulate these photographs using Photoshop and other tools such as gimp.

I have been researching the aesthetics of space and of the senses, as such my images explore how to show the invisible sensory qualities of the world. Let it be a person/animal, a space, a landscape or a plant, my work explores the unseen nature of things, their ethereal presences. The work attempts to show the spirit inhabiting our world.

Plato defined an approach to representation that still influences how our culture relates to the senses. He considered phenomenon, the perception of an object which we recognize through our senses, to be fragile and weak forms of reality that do not represent an object’s true essence.
This belief system eliminated the senses from our accepted understanding of the world. As western colonialism spread across the world, so did this understanding of perception. This devalued the spiritual believes of many cultures (indigenous and Asian in particularity) that considered that the senses and our relationship to space as the perceptual doors to our soul and to understanding the spirit in others. Thus, by eliminating the senses’ role from our understanding of reality, our western modern culture has caste aside the language of spirit. In this process, our sensory and spiritual vocabulary has been erased. Many of us walk in our world blind to its sensory and spiritual messages. My work attempts to revive these forgotten forms of communication and to show how a broader perception focus can open different realms of understanding and beauty. In a culture focused on cynicism, the works tries to offer a positive message that reaffirms the spiritual beauty that exists in each of us and all around us. A unified us that includes plants, places and animals.

I have a few series, focused on different processes. All are created using a maximum of three photographs. As I am interested in the aesthetics of space, I explore how to show the invisible qualities of space in my images. Some are metaphorical, some are more spiritual in nature.

Aetheral presences and e motions series are images done  using an automatic drawing method. This approach to abstract art was created by Hilma af Kint (1862-1944), a swedish artist whose work predates Kandinsky.  Hilma af Klint created experimental automatic drawing as early as 1896. She created a  geometric visual language that  conceptualized invisible forces both of the inner and outer worlds.  Similarly, I use a specific process of filtering and other processes to bring out what is invisible within an image .

My other series are abstract landscapes and portraits, creating virtual natures both internal and universal.

I hope you enjoy the work… Feel free to contact  me if you want more information. You can reach me at: abal.at.ryerson.ca

If you are interested in my research and other other activities look at the top menu it will take you to various sites featuring my scholarly work.

Alex Bal


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